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Want an Alternative to On-Campus Academic Summer Programs? Discover Our Commuter Options!

The thought of summer brings up so many exciting plans and fun-filled ideas, and it can be hard to fit everything into one season. For families with a lot going on, choosing the commuter options at Summer Discovery is a great way to ensure that students can do it all. With the commuter option, students can attend their academic summer program while still being able to participate in family commitments, and it’s not too late to take part. 

Having the flexibility of returning home each night opens up some time for other organized activities they may have going on. For families in various financial situations or facing scheduling constraints, the commuter option makes Summer Discovery programs more accessible, while students still receive many of the benefits that residential students have. Check out this list of available courses starting mid-July, and continue reading to learn more about how a commuter option works for students and their families attending Summer Discovery.

A Smaller Overall Commitment

Commuter programs are a smaller investment than the residential program options, and require slightly less commitment by the students and families. While transportation to and from the campus is the responsibility of the family, the students don’t have to commit to being away from their families for an extended period of time. Additionally, families don’t have to give up precious summer plans that may be postponed or canceled if the student is away for a few weeks.

While residential options provide students with a truly immersive experience, commuter programs have many of the same benefits. Although the commitment is less extensive, students still have access to academic summer programs with incredible course options. They’re also able to socialize with like-minded peers, and create lasting friendships and memories during their programs.

Commuter students get similar benefits as residential students in our academic summer programs

Challenging Academics with Commuter Academic Summer Programs

World-class academics in our pre-college summer programs give commuter students the same classroom experience as our residential students receive. Collaboration, innovation, creativity and exploration are at the heart of our programs. U.S. Law, Abnormal Psychology, E-Sports Academy, and Fashion Design are just a few of the engaging, intensive, and hands-on programs students can explore during their time at Summer Discovery. 

At Summer Discovery, there’s no need to sacrifice the benefits of our academic programs by choosing the commuter option. Commuter students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge alongside their peers with our challenging yet manageable course offerings. Over the course of the program, our supportive academic staff will oversee their growth and success.

Commuting students take the same academic courses as residential students

Access to All Day-Time Activities on Campus

Students are welcome to participate in our on-campus activities throughout their time at Summer Discovery, no matter whether they’re residential students or commuters. While commuters don’t have access to the evening and weekend activities, they still have plenty of time to network with their classmates, create great friendships and join our workshops. 

While our programs help students prepare for life at college, that doesn’t mean students need to stay on campus to access this privilege. Many college campuses support commuter students, and this is a great option for those living in close proximity to their schools. Summer Discovery commuter students can prepare for the next exciting phase of their lives, with access to the same opportunities as other students.

Access to All Day-Time Activities on Campus

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