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Visit top coffee shops across the best US cities

Visit top coffee shops across the best US cities

To some, coffee isn’t a luxury but a necessity. 65% of Americans drink coffee with their breakfast and the United States spends $40 billion on coffee each year. To put these statistics into perspective, that’s the cost of approximately 5 million Summer Discovery programs!

Luckily, a morning “cup of joe” provides more than just a jolt of caffeine. Research has shown that coffee can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, protect against type 2 diabetes, and lower the rates of depression among women.

Some of America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops are in the same cities as Summer Discovery pre-college programs.

Houndstooth Coffee in Austin, TX

Joe Coffee in New York, NY

Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia, PA

Boxcar Coffee in Boulder, CO

Cognoscenti in Los Angeles, CA

Pavement Coffeehouse in Boston, MA

Peregrine Espresso in Washington, D.C.

If you’re joining us on campus this summer, consider visiting one of these spots for your coffee, latte, or a shot of expresso.