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UT Austin News - July 6

Hi Summer Discovery Friends and Families!

Our time here at UT Austin is going away quickly, but we know that the memories, laughs, and late nights of homework will all be worth it soon. Our students can’t believe that we’re about to enter our last week at Summer Discovery and neither can we. Here’s a recap of all the awesome things we’ve experienced during Week 2 here at UT Austin.

On Monday, students were able to get back into their normal routine after a weekend full of excitement and fun! Up and ready to go to class, students this week are definitely feeling a lot more ready for college. Aside from doing homework all night, students were able to grab a quick bite at the infamous Gourdoughs Doughnuts. This spot is truly an Austin landmark and a favorite amongst everybody. To add onto the fun, students got to also experience the Panic Room. It sounds scary right? Rest assured, no real panic was experienced. At this Summer Discovery favorite, students worked together in solving the puzzle to escape the room. Finally, we wrapped up an incredible day by watching The Incredibles in the Callaway Theatre room.

Tuesday was definitely a more laidback day as students prepared for the Fourth of July holiday the next day. In the afternoon students were able to know more about the admissions process here at UT Austin and what it takes to be a Longhorn. Considered one the many “public ivy league” institutions, students were able to understand more about the rigorous academic requirements to gain acceptance. Later that night, all of the UT Austin Summer Discovery crew took a trip down to either go see the new Incredibles 2 or Jurassic World 2. Student’s had a blast eating tubs of popcorn and getting to enjoy a movie with their closest friends.

On Wednesday, we had a jam packed day in celebrating Independence Day. We started off by checking out Pinballz Arcade. This place is known to have one of the highest numbers of arcade games in the country! Independence Day is known as a signature U.S. holiday and students were able to shop at the local Hill Country Galleria Shopping Center before the grand fireworks celebration later that night! We got to celebrate good company, good vibes, and most importantly the awesome bonds students have built here at Summer Discovery.

Last but not least, we wrapped up the academic week on Thursday with some more events before the big weekend. Our students in the medicine program visited a local simulation lab in which they were able to see a medical grade mannequin give birth while also learning more about how to conduct sutures and stitches. We surely have some of the future best doctors being made here in our Summer Discovery program. Students got to reflect and admire the amazing art on display at the Blanton Art Museum, play a game of soccer at the Charles Alan Wright Fields, watch the thousands of bats fly above at the infamous Congress St. “Bat Bridge”, explore the Austin music scene, while lastly escaping the panic room once more.

Week 2 was definitely a success and can’t wait to see what this upcoming weekend brings!

With Longhorn Pride,

The UT Austin Team

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