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Turning the Page: How to Embrace a Growth Mindset this Summer and Beyond

As we reach the second anniversary of the pandemic, a hint of normalcy lingers in the near future. We have lived through the rollercoaster of a pandemic that has made us adjust, pivot, and adapt to such rapid changes that we can barely recover from the last crisis before the next one hits. Children of all ages and backgrounds who have weathered this storm now share a need for resiliency which will mark their lives as the pandemic clouds lift, and as they look ahead to their 21st century journeys.

A future-focused mindset has taken a backseat while we were forced to do whatever was necessary to survive the pandemic. Yet, as we turn the page to the next chapter, we must ask ourselves some important questions. How can we move beyond just getting by day to day, to a renewed focus on growth and success? How do we support our students’ continued healing while also giving them the tools to move forward in the next chapter of their lives - to a brighter, more promising future?

21st Century Skills and Career Preparation

At Summer Discovery Academics, our answer lies in our brand-new 2022 programs focused around “21st century skills”. What are 21st century Skills, you might ask? These are transferable, durable skills such as collaboration, creativity, media and technology literacy, adaptiveness, critical thinking, and negotiation that prepare future professionals for success in any career.

Summer enrichment programs present a renewed opportunity to nurture students’ 21st century skills in ways the formal education system, through no fault of its own, could not during the pandemic. Veteran children of summer programs look forward to their time on campus as an opportunity to reconnect with friends, be immersed in a different environment, and learn new things. After this particularly long school year, it's time to take summer to the next level. It’s time for our students to gain back those skills they may have lost, polish off some rusty ones, and set new goals. We invite all our Summer Discovery and SIG families to begin harnessing their 21st century skills and embrace a growth mindset as we look to Summer 2022 and beyond.

21st Century Skills and Career Preparation

Career Accelerator Summer Programs for High School Students

We in the Summer Discovery Academics team are practicing our own 21st century Skills as we strive to create the best new programs and summer enrichment opportunities for our families. For high school students who are ready to hit the ground running, our Career Accelerator experiences are a unique opportunity to dive deep into an academic interest or passion while also learning the nitty gritty of what it takes to be a 21st century leader. In a Career Accelerator course, you will be challenged to create, collaborate, adapt, negotiate, compromise, reflect, empathize, take risks, set and meet your goals, and unleash the leader within.

And if for some reason this year isn’t right for the Career Accelerator, you can choose from dozens of other Summer Discovery programs and campuses that will be sure to nurture and grow those softer skills also critical for the 21st century. Whatever program you choose, we are committed to offering the very best future-focused summer experiences in 2022. Our programs will give you the tools to bounce back from the pandemic better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. We look forward to joining you on this journey.

Career Accelerator Summer Programs for High School Students

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