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Top 5 New Year's Resolution Ideas for 2021!

It is officially that time of the year to wrap up 2020 and start fresh with 2021. If you’re anything like our staff, you may have set some New Year’s resolutions in 2020 that got put on hold due to the pandemic. For 2021, we are looking to set some new and attainable goals that we will accomplish this year. Here are some New Year’s resolutions ideas that may inspire your 2021 goals.

Resolution Idea #1: Get healthy

Every year you may hear someone you know say their resolution is to “lose some weight” or “get healthy” in the New Year. There is often an influx of gym members at the beginning of each year. However, true wellness has nothing to do with a number on a scale. There are many different aspects of health, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual and each are equally important. So, this year we encourage you to focus on all areas of your health to be the best “you” that you can be.

Having a "healthy" body and mind can help you accomplish all your other goals. Plus, understanding your health and wellness needs is a critical part of developing life skills that will serve you now and in the future. This pandemic has shown us that health, in all its forms, is critically imporant. Many students are struggling with their mental health during these challenging times so we encourage your 2021 goals to include a dose physical activity and self-care to invigorate the body and mind. Want to learn more about the 7 Dimensions of Wellness?  Check out this artcle.

Resolution Idea #2: Experience Something New

Have you ever wanted to try something new but were scared to do it? We strongly believe that 2020 was made to be the year of growth for everyone, and we encourage you to continue to take this growth mindset into 2021. So why not try something that you’ve always wanted to do? Some ideas you might try include taking up a new hobby, doing a pre-college summer program, trying new foods, challenging yourself to learn a new language, or anything else you have always wanted to try.

Trying new things is exciting, but more imporantly it allows you to discover your passions and your potential. At Summer Discovery, we're all about helping students discover their potential! 

Resolution Idea #3: Time for Self-Care

If there is anything that we have learned from 2020 was that we need to take time for self-care. Taking time for ourselves is extremely important and necessary.  You can practice self-care by reading a book for 20 minutes a day, listening to a podcast, going out for a walk, getting enough sleep, practicing guided meditation, yoga, or coloring  – just to name a few! Self-care doesn't have to look like a day at the spa. In fact, some of the simplest things to complete can be the most restorative for the mind and body. Also, self-care doesn't have to be all or nothing. If you only have have five minutes a day to practice self-care, that's ok. Any little bit counts. Here are some more ideas on how you can incorporate self-care into your daily life. Remember, practing self-care is a skill that enhances all other aspects of your life including your academic performance!

Resolution Idea #4: Saving Money

Are you looking to save money to pay for a new phone or gaming system or something you really want? If so, this resolution may be the one for you! It is always a great idea to save money and have some saved up for when you really want to treat yourself! Here are some great money saving tips  that hopefully can help you to stick to your New Year’s Resolution! Plus, learning how to save and budget is a necessary skills for college (and life). Summer Discovery offers several  finance courses at a variety of our campuses. 

Resolution Idea #5: Giving Back to Others

The holidays are often of time of giving rather than receiving. We see this begin with Giving Tuesday and all throughout the holiday season, from donating to your local foodbank to your local Toys for Tots. For 2021, why not continue giving back to others. Giving to others doesn't have to be a brand gesture. Send a card to a friend, make cookies for a neighbor, donate one week's allowance to a charity of your choice, or volunteer your time. 

Here is a list of some  great ways you can give back to others in 2021. Or, join our Community Service Academy this summer at UCLA and spend some time actively giving back to others.

If you are interested in experiencing something new with one of our current on campus or online pre-college programs for 2021, give us a call at 516.621.3939; email us at, or chat with us, and a member of our team will be able to assist you!

And, we’d love to hear what your New Year’s Resolution is for 2021! Tag us on Facebook or on Instagram and let us know!


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