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The Hurricane Daily- Summer Scholars at The University of Miami- July 20

Greetings Summer Scholars Families and Friends! 

Can you believe that we have one more week left? On Friday, our two week academy students recieved their certificates of completion from the Business Academy and Shark Research! Our three week students are entering the final week of classes with law debates coming up, sports administration presentations and everyones favorite- final exams! Friday started off a weekend full of trips! From our Business Ethics & Leadership students took a trip to the botanical gardens and a shopping and movie trip to Dolphin Mall! Saturday, students will be taking a trip to Shark Tagging, Miami Beach and Wynwood Walls! 

Your RCs have various activites planned to help you unwind and de-stress! There will be study sessions available to all students! If you are the student that cant study in your room, the library is another resource! 

Lets make this week and upcoming week great! 

Summer Scholars Program at The University of Miami 

The Hurricane Daily PDF July 20