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The Hurricane Daily- Summer Scholars at The University of Miami- July 12

 As the weekend is close, students are feeling the college life! Students are in full swing and in the mode of homework, quizzes, tours and projects! Our Money & Marketing students got the chance to tour Perry Ellis International offices today, learned about the fundamentals of marketing, toured the photography studio, and met the social media team! 

Our Sports Medicine students were awarded the opportunity to tour the athletic center. They got to sit on a panel and ask current University of Miami student athletes how theybalance being both a full time student and a full time athlete. They toured the training room, where student athletes get different treatments and they also got to tour the training facility for the football team-which is only about a year old! 

We have an action packed weekend planned for the students such as, snorkeling, shark tagging, riding an airboat through the everglades, shopping, Marlins game and so much more! 

The first week of classes have brought so much joy and excitement, each student has a different story on how the classes have prepared them for life as a college student! Students are using their time wisely, focusing on time management skills and creatinf their own study sessions with students who are taking the same class! 

We are excited to see the progess and attentiveness from everyone! 

Its almost the weekend! 

Summer Scholars Program at The University of Miami 

The Hurricane Daily PDF July 12


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