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The Hurricane Daily- Summer Scholars at The University of Miami July 11

Its almost the weekend and the students have experienced a full week of what it feels like to live life as a college student! Shark Tagging students get the opportunity to bait and catch sharks, while keeping them safe and calm, they get to measure their body size and tag them, so if a shark is elsewhere, they can track its movement-exciting! Our Sports Administration students got to tour the University of Miami's athletic department, they got to meet Mackie Feierstein, Gino Dimare, Lamont Franklin, Sam Wynne and Chris Cohen who gave them a thourough inside tour of a collegiate atheletic department. 

The activities that students can sign up for on tomorrow are Basketball, Paint & Chill, Study with my Buddy and a Debate War! Weekend activities are coming up! Be on the look out for those activities! We are very excited for our first major trips since the students have been on campus! 

We're halfway through the first week! 

Summer Scholars Program at The University of Miami 

The Hurricane Daily PDF July 11 


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