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The Hurricane Daily- Summer Scholars at The University of Miami July 10

Good Evening  Summer Scholars Families and Friends, 

Classes are underway and students are getting the feel for waking up early and making it on time for classes. The students are extremely excited to live on a college campus for the next few weeks and live life as a college student. All while having fun and creating new memories and making new friends, we are also implementing the importance of time management and different life skills.  

The students have a wide range of activities to choose from, from a Kickball Tournament, students get to interrogate their RCs and ask them questions about college, a poetry slam and a few other activities. We are extremely excited by the turnout for the RC activities and encourage you to keep participating! 

Keep making new friends and create great memories!  

Summer Scholars Program at The University of Miami

The Hurricane Daily PDF July 10


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