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The Gaucho Games & July 4th Festivities - 7/4/19

Today our students got to compete for glory, bragging rights, and most importantly, pizza as they participated in our annual Gaucho Games! They battled in six different activities that allowed them to cultivate their athletic skills, foster trust between one another and enjoy themselves a little on their day off from class. The activities included: Team Tic Tac Toe, the Hoop Relay, Rock Paper Scissors, a Balloon Molecule Race, Foxtail Tag and the Frozen T-Shirt event.

Later in the day our program traveled to Girsh Park to enjoy a beautiful fireworks display that was adorned with food trucks and different amenities for them to enjoy. Some of the students also got to play ultimate frisbee and four on four football games while waiting for the exhibition to begin.

New discoveries and more fun awaits us tomorrow as we prepare for the Festival Under The Stars!

UC Santa Barbara: July 5, 2019


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