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The Cambridge Underground July 29, 2019

Another exciting day for the Cambridge students!

At the early hour of 8 am, 10 students boarded the bus for Dover.  The students made the 2-mile walk from the visitor center to the lighthouse, with plenty of picture-taking stops along the way.  After a short break for a snack, they ventured the 2-miles back, boarded the bus and spent a couple of hours exploring the Dover Castle.

Meanwhile, the remaining students boarded a 9:15 bus to visit London.  The excursion started at Camden Town for lunch, and then the students took a ride on the Tube (London's subway) to either Covent Garden or Oxford Street for some shopping.

Both excursions were back in Cambridge by early evening.  Some students took a walk into town for dinner, while others opted to stay on campus to do laundry or homework.  

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