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The Cambridge Underground July 27, 2019

The record heat subsided in Cambridge (although it is still a bit warmer than usual).  The students had a full day today, starting with their classes.  The British Spy class went into town to learn and practice techniques of trailing a person, while the Art & Architecture class visite Kings College Chapel.  In the afternoon, the Entrepreneurship class presented their proposals for businesses they could run next week to raise money for charity.

In the afternoon, all students and staff walked over to Churchill College to participate in Krashball.  Many of the students participated, bouncing around the field while playing soccer.

Friday evening was movie night at the Light Cinema.  Students stocked up on snacks before viewing the movie of their choice.  Then it was back to Murray Edwards for a good night's rest as tomorrow students will be boarding the buses for either Windsor or Oxford!

The Cambridge Underground July 27-28, 2019 pdf


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