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The Cambridge Underground July 13 & 14

Day 5 of classes is done, and students are eagerly anticipating the weekend!

After classes on Friday, students gathered at the football (soccer) field at nearby Churchill College to partake in Krashball--otherwise known as Bubble Soccer.  Students collided and bounced off each other while attempting to score a goal.  Even those who chose not to play enjoyed the action on the field.  

After dinner, it was movie night for the students.  The majority of the students chose to catch the action adventure Spiderman, while 5 students chose to relive their childhood with Toy Story 4.

As students headed to bed, the excitement of tomorrow's adventures was in the air.  Students will be headed off to "the other university," Oxford, or to visit one of the Queen's homes, Windsor Castle.  (After all, the Queen did visit Cambridge this week!)

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