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The Beginning of the End..but Cupcakes!

It is hard to believe that three weeks ago our four week scholars arrived, and now we are entering into our last week here at UCSB. A lot of fun times have been had here; from berry picking to the beach, the Gaucho Games to the Festival Under the Stars, from the Addams Family to kayaking at sunset, it has been an adventure. And even though research, and presentations, and papers, and finals are on the horizon this week, so many new expereinces and adventures await us all. Today we devoured some cupcakes that we decorated and created some beuatiful peices of art. All the while, High School Musical danced accrossed the screen in the theater. And sadly, we had to meet with our four week students to discuss departure preparations. 

But we won't think about those good byes until we absolutely have to. We, instead, will look forward to Rock n' Roll Bingo, Trivia, Bowling, the Museum of Art, and not least of all the TALENT SHOW! The fun will not stop even at check in when you will be able to grab treats for checking in on time. So much potential to create new stories and build new relationships in this short time. We look forward to seeing what all happens! Hope you're a long for the ride!

UC Santa Barbara: July 23, 2019