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Step Into Your Role as an Impactful Leader with Our Academic Summer Programs

Guided independence is a priority at Summer Discovery. Whether you plan on stepping into a formal leadership role or simply want to gain some confidence, you’ll be grateful for the self-confidence boost and new experiences that come with our academic summer programs. 

While we offer challenging academic courses to expand your horizons, we also commit to an exciting on-campus environment where you get to test out college life. Having these opportunities will help you discover more about yourself and how you can contribute to various academic projects, social settings, and more. Get ready to become the leader you want to be as you head to college. Keep reading to learn more.

Learning to Lead With Respect

From networking during our Inc. Young Entrepreneurs course to participating in presentations and discussions in Exploring Medicine, you can learn to strengthen your leadership skills while treating your fellow classmates with the utmost respect. 

Collaboration and communication are essential to Summer Discovery courses and will help you learn how to work with others while showcasing your own strengths. Every student is unique and brings a valuable perspective to our classes. Learning in such a supportive environment, you’ll be comfortable engaging every step of the way.

At Summer Discovery, we stress the importance of inclusivity and learning to lead ethically.

Leadership Courses in Our Summer Academic Programs

While you can polish your leadership skills in a number of our courses offered in our summer academic programs, our leadership program can help you put further focus into this development. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from public speaking to conflict resolution and diversity, to help guide you in developing the skills necessary to become a strong leader in the community.

Our leadership programs are very hands-on, giving you actual practice with each leadership technique. You’ll understand what it takes for you to step up to the plate as an effective leader while learning to think critically and creatively through difficult scenarios. Insight into ethical practices and leadership etiquette will set you up with the confidence to take on your desired roles in college.

Our academic summer programs have options for leadership-focused programs.

A Chance to Be Yourself

Because every student is unique, Summer Discovery will encourage you to define your own leadership style within a framework that helps to make you the best student, leader, and citizen you can be. Staying true to yourself, your interests, and your passions, you can customize your Summer Discovery experience.

You’ll be able to choose your pathway during our academic summer programs, picking the campus, course loads, and activities that excite you most. Interacting daily with new peers, you can build strong relationships and expand your social network. In such a diverse, supportive, welcoming, and inclusive environment, you will feel right at home just as you are.

A Chance to Be Yourself

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