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Spring is finally here at Summer Discovery! In addition to flowers and trees bursting into bloom, our Campus Managers are bursting into action to create a calendar with the most exciting activities and excursions for you!

          Students at University of Michigan (3-week and 2-week) will get to go to Cedar Point Amusement Park in nearby Ohio where the record-breaking, new rollercoaster called “Steel Vengeance” will take your breath away. This hybrid wood and steel coaster is the tallest, fastest, highest drop in the world. At a height of 204 feet and a 90-degree drop, this roller coaster travels at 74 mph as it twists and turns you inside out.

          Meanwhile, at Georgetown University, students will be amazed as they come face to face with dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum of the world famous Smithsonian Institute. “The dinosaurs are everyone’s favorite,” says Mitch, our genial Campus Manager. “Everyone also loves the cool Air and Space Museum,” he says. There you’ll see real moon rocks, the Apollo 11 Command Module, and an IMAX film or planetarium show.          Explore it your way with your new friends on this weekend excursion.

Surf’s up at UC Santa Barbara where students can add “Ocean Sports Plus” to their academic program. Head into the Pacific Ocean for sea-kayaking, snorkeling, and body surfing or board surfing. All the while, you’ll discover and learn about marine life and the delicate balance of the environment.

More Spring news to come….stay tuned for more campus updates!

If you haven’t made your Summer plans, then it’s time for you to spring into action at


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