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Smores & Board Game Night

Friendships were tested, strategies were set in motion, winners emerged. Tonight was our Board Game Night at UC Santa Barbara! Monopoly, Uno and Jenga are just a few of the games the students could choose from and battle for supremacy. Our staff also prepared Smores preparation bags for the kids and allowed them to make them with their peers over the fire in the evening for a semi-real campfire experience. All in all it was a day I'm sure our students will never forget as they spent it in true summertime fashion.

Tomorrow our students return to class and prepare for finals, our four week students start preparing to depart and everyone has an opportunity to participate in Cupcake Decorating or Ice Cream Check-In in the evening. However they decide to spend their monday it's sure to be another beautiful day at UC Santa Barbara and we can't wait to see everyone there!

UC Santa Barbara: July 22nd, 2019