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Ready to Attend Your Academic Summer Program? Here's How to Make the Most of Your Experience

While you can head into an academic summer program at Summer Discovery with little preparation, it can help to take a few steps to ensure you get the most out of your summer experience. Preparation is a skill that involves a level of organization and planning. If you’re getting ready to attend a program with us, then it’s the perfect opportunity to practice your preparation skills and set yourself up for success.

Summer Discovery courses help you prepare for your future. When you have dedicated time to explore your passions, challenge yourself in the classroom, and learn what it takes to thrive in a college environment, you’ll start to feel confident in the pursuit of your dream college. Whether you want to take a surfing course in the Pacific or you’re motivated by in-depth studies in science, medicine, business, and more, you can enter your program with an expectation of personal and academic growth that is unmatched elsewhere. Here’s how you can prepare to maximize these benefits during your program.

Get Prepared with Our Pre-Recorded Webinars

We’ve prepared a number of resources for students and families to help get a better idea of what to expect during our college summer programs. Our pre-recorded webinars will help you prepare for your program by covering various topics that will shed light on a Summer Discovery experience. From soft skills that are helpful to practice to the best tips and tricks for packing and making new friends, these resources can help you best prepare for your summer and make the most out of your time with us.

Our webinars provide insights on all aspects of your student’s Summer Discovery experience.

Enter Your Academic Summer Program with an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind will allow you to explore new thought patterns, ideas, and topics with a sense of wonder and appreciation. An open mind also helps you acknowledge the unique contributions of your classmates, helping to foster a safe and supportive environment overall. Our like-minded students thrive knowing that they have the ability to explore and express themselves academically and personally, helping them make the most of their summer through a greater sense of confidence and independence, thanks to their ability to keep an open mind.

Make an Effort to Form Strong Relationships with Peers

We know how strong these relationships can become in just a few short weeks together on campus, and we’ve seen friendships last for many years, thanks to our academic summer programs. When you’re preparing to arrive on your first day, make an effort to learn about your classmates, get friendly with your roommates, and say “yes” to as many experiences as you can with your peers. When you make an effort to form these strong friendships, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible experience on campus as well as with some beautiful friendships that will last longer than your summer program.

Be prepared to make an effort to foster friendships during your academic summer programs

Always Remember to Have Fun in Your Courses and Activities

Above all else, we want you to remember to have fun. You may be feeling nervousness and excitement over your challenging academic courses, which is completely normal. Remembering why you’ve signed up for our programs will help remind you of your goals. With active engagement and participation, a can-do attitude, and full participation in our program activities and outings, you’ll be able to find success in your courses while having the summer of a lifetime.

Always Remember to Have Fun in Your Courses and Activities

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