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Ready for a Summer Adventure? Fun Activities You Can Explore at a Pre-College Summer Camp-Like Program

Summer Discovery is rooted in family. Founded in 1966 by a camp family, Summer Discovery has turned into the academically enriching and exciting program it is today through years of dedication to our students. Now, we operate as the perfect blend between a summer camp-like program and college, preparing you for the road ahead.

Through active partnerships with world-leading universities, Summer Discovery delivers transformative summer experiences for high school and middle school students. Our challenging academic courses are paired with fun, supervised activities to help students form relationships, get out of their comfort zones, and find personal growth.

Various Outings, Tours and Day Trips Available for Weekend Activities

We understand that as a student, you want to spend your summer in a fulfilling, meaningful way, not just at another summer camp. Our college prep programs provide many exciting activities that will help you gain independence as you prepare for the transition to college life.

Depending on the program location, students may be offered the opportunity to attend professional sporting events, visit local attractions such as zoos and museums, local restaurants and stores, and more. With a mix of fun weekend activities off-campus, and relaxed and chilled events on-campus, you will be able to choose what best suits your schedule for the week.

Summer activities help students relax, have fun and relieve stress with their peers.

Daily Free-Choice Activities and Events in Our Academic Summer Program

Each day you will get to select which of the available activities you’d like to participate in with your friends. This can vary depending on the day or location, and often include activities such as crafting, movie nights, tie-dying, playing games, playing sports, creating music, and many more.

Having the option to choose which activity you’d like to attend lets you cater to your own passions and interests. This way, you get to decide how your summer is spent, as you get to make the most out of each and every day. Commit to exploring your interests in a fun, academic summer program that still challenges you.

Students can choose which daily activities they’d like to attend based on their interests.

Diversified Programming Paired with Enriching Off-Campus Activities

On and off-campus events become that much more gratifying as your hard work in the classroom pays off. We are committed to teaching each student how to stay organized, keep up with coursework, and properly handle stress to make sure they are succeeding in their courses. When you realize your success in the classroom, you will become that much more excited to attend our enriching activities to let loose and have fun with your peers.

The unique pairing of these academically challenging and diversified courses with a copious amount of fun and exciting activities helps build an uplifting, determined, and like-minded community in our student body. We make sure every student knows that they are a part of our family. If you want to be a part of something great this summer, you will be thrilled with the level of care, support, and guidance you’ll receive at Summer Discovery.

Students enjoy their time together, balancing hard work and fun in our summer programs.

Are you interested in exploring our college summer programs?

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