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Preparing Your Child for College Success with Our Academic Summer Program

Universities around the world are constantly seeking top applicants, making the college admissions landscape competitive. By taking advanced academic programs, students can develop valuable skills and experiences that prepare them for a successful academic future—allowing them to stand out in the college application process.

At Summer Discovery, students can experience college life firsthand at some of the most renowned colleges across the United States and abroad. Through enriching academic opportunities, they can fast-track their personal growth, give their college application a competitive edge, and gain new insights that have the potential to shape their academic and professional future. Here’s a closer look at how Summer Discovery’s unique academic programs can help students better prepare for university.

Gaining Firsthand Experience for College Success

High school students enrolled in a Summer Discovery program have the unique opportunity of experiencing college life before even starting their first semester at university. This allows them to adapt to new expectations and different types of classes in a supportive environment, strengthening their independence and self-reliance as well as their time management and organization skills.

In our nurturing environment, students can explore a range of courses and programs all while testing out life on their chosen campus. These experiences can help them choose their dream university and tailor their application to strengthen their chances for admission. Here, they can rely on our resident counsellors and directors for further support as they navigate these new experiences—gaining firsthand insights that can help them make the most of their future college experience.

Gaining Firsthand Experience for College Success

Earning College Credits through Pre-College Prep Programs

Summer Discovery offers students over 300 pre-college courses covering a broad range of topics, including business and entrepreneurship, arts, psychology, sports business, and medicine. Some of these courses can be taken for college credit classes, allowing students to earn actual grades and credits that can then be transferred to university. In this way, students can begin taking college-level courses in advance to fast-track their education during our college prep programs. Other courses are pre-college enrichment classes, which are taken to immerse students in a particular subject area.

Some of our popular for-credit programs include a research program at UC Santa Barbara or certain courses at the University of Pennsylvania. In some college credit courses, students learn alongside actual college students, giving them insight into the real college learning experience. In general, college credit classes are taught by university instructors as well as distinguished visiting instructors, providing students with a hands-on, enriching learning experience. By taking these classes, they will receive a grade report and transcript-request form to help them transfer the credits they’ve earned to the university they choose to attend.

Earning College Credits through Pre-College Prep Programs

Developing Practical Skills to Strengthen College Applications

Students at Summer Discovery are able to hone valuable life skills that reflect personal growth while also developing new academic strengths to improve their college preparation efforts. During their time in our academic summer program, students participate in hands-on projects and open discussions around complex topics – even presenting a research paper supported by faculty resources. These experiences can help boost their confidence and open opportunities for greater academic achievements.

Our programs are designed to provide students with memorable takeaways, allowing them to form precious experiences as well as meaningful relationships in our vibrant and welcoming, diverse community. Having an open and diverse learning environment that emphasizes academic enrichment can help students better prepare for college success.

Developing Practical Skills to Strengthen College Applications

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