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Pre-College High School Summer Programs That Take Your Summer Camp Experience to the Next Level

A unique summer program makes the difference between a good and a great experience. Students at Summer Discovery receive personalized academic and enrichment opportunities which ensures they're exploring academic passions while having fun.

Summer Discovery offers a diverse community and range of programs, where students meet peers coming from over 70 different countries. This inclusive, safe, and supportive environment gives students the comfort and confidence to be able to grow personally and academically. Students get to experience college life firsthand as they stay in college residence halls for the duration of their program. These new experiences, combined with unique and extensive academic course offerings, makes Summer Discovery summer program experiences like no other.

University Partnerships Enhance UCLA High School Summer Programs

Summer Discovery programs go the extra mile when it comes to the programs and activities that we offer our students. Our programs at the UCLA campus are run in conjunction with a number of UCLA partnerships that we have maintained for over 35 years. Some of these include UCLA Extension, UCLA Recreation, UCLA Anderson Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Sports, & Entertainment, and UCLA Conferences, which offer students the experience of a lifetime over the course of their stay.

High school summer programs at UCLA connect students with industry-leading experts in order to gain valuable insight into fields they are passionate about. We have specialized courses in business, sports, leadership, screenwriting, psychology, and acting, as well as academies in partnership with the UCLA Anderson School of Management. SD programs have tangible outcomes, allowing students to progress quickly—receiving a certificate from the university, or presenting research and business plans supported by faculty resources. 

After class and on weekends, Summer Discovery students explore the iconic Westwood Village and take organized trips to the beach, ride the rollercoasters at Disneyland or Six Flags, attend a major league baseball game, hike to the Hollywood sign, and more! 

Middle school students also have the opportunity to attend an engaging program at our UCLA location, helping them prepare for the transition from middle school to high school.

SD summer programs at UCLA offer specialized courses to allow each student to explore their passions

Experience Two World-Class Universities With the Combination Summer Program

Most of our campuses offer programs with courses that last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the location and the course selection. One unique Summer Discovery program is the Combination Program between the UCLA and University of Michigan campuses, where students can experience life at both campuses over the course of 6 weeks.

Students at SD benefit from innovative learning through these longer programs and combinations, where they can explore their interests through a wide range of courses (300+) in business and entrepreneurship, digital marketing and social media, arts, psychology, sports business, and medicine. The combination option is incredible for personal and academic growth, as students can experience college life firsthand by living on two college campuses in a supportive environment. Through guided activities, they are able to develop key life skills and independence while exploring a new place and meeting new friends from around the world.

SD programs can further immerse students into their life on a college campus, fostering independence

Pursue Courses of Interest at Universities That Are Recognized Worldwide

As a youth looking forward to the future, having the opportunity to stay on a college campus makes students’ dreams for their future feel truly tangible. Giving these students a foundation of confidence and independence can do wonders for their overall development. SD high school STEM summer programs are held on university campuses that are recognized worldwide for various programs, holding a prestigious reputation and offering students a high-quality experience. UCLA is America’s top public university, while Georgetown University has global recognition for achievements in international relations, politics, and law. 

Students can also take Pre-College Career Accelerator programs in Medicine, Game Design, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship at New York University, UC Berkeley, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Maryland, and Haverford College. These unique, intensive and immersive hands-on programs combine career exploration and education.

Students have access to campus facilities and are taught by actual university instructors in many of the courses offered. Trained and experienced resident counselors also help students gain the best experience possible, making sure each student feels comfortable and is getting the most out of their summer. With a few weeks spent at Summer Discovery programs, students make the memories of a lifetime.

SD students benefit from a supportive environment while taking courses at top universities.

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