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Planning Your High School Summers

Summer planning can be an increasingly stressful time for high school students. You might feel pressure to enhance your resume by taking a challenging class or working with a tutor to improve testing skills. For many colleges and future employers, there is no magic formula for creating the perfect summer. What is important is that you pursue a summer that grows your interests, challenges you intellectually, and increases your independence. So, what options are there for summer high school experiences?

Create Your Own Summer Program - Dig into your interests and research what options are available for you outside of traditional programs. Is there a local leader you would like to shadow and learn more about? Is there a need in your community that could benefit from your planning and support? Write polished and professional correspondence to organizations that you would be interested in working with and share how you can be helpful to them.

Summer Discovery - Looking to immerse yourself in STEM research, arts and design, or leadership and government? Summer Discovery programs allow you to take academic courses at top universities while living on campus with other high school students. With programs in the U.S., U.K., and Singapore, your summer of academic learning could also include international travel and experiencing new cultures. Summer Discovery offers top ranked programs that will prepare you for college and teach valuable life skills.

Internships - Summer internships are increasingly popular options for high school students looking to understand the daily demands of their chosen field. Summer Discovery offers internship programs in New York City and London that allow students to gain professional experience and earn college credit. Students gain independence as they work and commute, but are housed in secure dormitories and have resident counselors available for help.

Get a Part-Time Job - A part-time job is a wonderful way to save money for college and also learn how to perform in a workplace setting. A great strategy is to tailor your part-time job to your interests. Do you have an eye for fashion? Consider a retail job this summer. Are you interested in dining culture? Choose a restaurant that will excite and challenge you. Are you interested in business and how it works? Work as a receptionist in a business where you can learn new skills.

Online Options - Are you geographically or financially constrained this summer? Consider looking into online learning options. Expand your interests no matter your location. There are many free tutorial and training sites for learning new skills. Youtube also has many tutorial and educational videos that can speak to your interest.

Remember, summer isn’t just about getting ahead academically. It’s a time to explore your interests, try new things, meet new people and mature as a person. You decide what experience will best allow you to discover your interests and passions while still having fun!

Thank you to our friends at Collegewise for inspiration for this article.


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