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One Week in the Books at Yale

One Week in the Books at Yale

It's crazy to think we have been together for a little over a week.  One of my treasured summer moments is always observing how the group is on Day #1 and how it/each individual evolves with our time here.  #special

Thursday evening we enjoyed our time at Candlepin bowling.  Ari achieved the highest score overall!  Way to go Ari!  It was cool seeing our International students, Rayna and Nate as they conquered their new experience in the ally!    Our group divided up and the "winning" team won a sleep in bagel breakfast on Saturday morning which they so generously shared with the rest of the group.  Friday evening was the annual Yale Carnival with a delicious outdoor BBQ, yard games and a DJ.  We "JUMPED" right into Saturday with our time at Skyzone.  Andy was our stellar "Mexican jumping bean" and had awesome enthusiasm!  Sunday we were lucky that the weather held up for us and Mystic Seaport and Aquarium did not disappoint.  Ben has now been lucky to experience it for the 3rd time and everyone had a blast at the sea lion show!

We look forward to beginning our second week of class and so far we have seen some fabulous growth!  Especially with Sherry, Sena and Siddarth whom are connecting with "experts" in their field of choice.

As we continue to learn, grow and laugh, we have enhanced thus far with many personal responsibilities.  Most recognizable are the manners we display.  Eric always shows up with door holding for the whole group and "please/thank you's".

The rain in the forecast this week won't put a damper on our spirits!