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On Wednesdays, We Bowl - 6/26/29

Another beautiful day in Santa Barbara; can you beat this weather? And how about waking up and being able to look out over the ocean. Not much of an ocean person? That's fine! Simply turn around and take there are the mountains. No matter what you're into, we have the perfect environment and scenery for some early morning meditation before classes. 

But after classes we explore! Today we had an excited crowd take on In-N-Out. Who dared the 4x4? Not in the mood for a burger, even animal style? Not worries. Out trivia night saw the first Trivia champs crowned. Don't worry, there will be a chance to try to dethrone them. We ended the night under the black light bowling! Zodo's Bowling & Beyond really knows how to host an exciting event. Unfortunately, no perfect games on this outing, though. 

Now its time to hit the water! Time for some kayak exploration down the Goleta coastline from Goleta Beach to past campus point. We will even paddle over a rocky reef that is teeming with marine life - keep your eyes pealed! You've been working hard this week; it time to relax with your friends. In the evening, the Resident Counselors will be hosting groups activities. Get to know your neighbors better while having a blast. 

Don't forget ur upcoming trips! We will be heading to the Roller Rink on Friday to blade or skate. We will also have another chance to explore the Goleta Marine life by paddle boarding the coast line in the morning (I hear that this is when dolphins are most active, keep your fingers crossed). Then get your first taste of State Street and all of the great food and fun shops it has to offer. Finally, lace up your sneakers: our basketball tournament is coming up on Monday! I see everyone out there practicing in preparation. 

On the fence about going to the Channel Islands? Check out this video put together by our friends at Save the Mermaids, a wonder non-profit dedicated to preserving our oceans and cutting down on environmental harm:

UC Santa Barbara Daily: June 27, 2019


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