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New York - Blog - July 19 - Day 20

Hello Families, 

Third week in, and it seems to be the best one yet! Our internships are going well - many of us have gotten great feedback from our supervisors, which motivate us to achieve even more. We spent much of our free time this week taking mini shopping trips to places like Hudson Yards, and sight seeing at amazing views like The Vessel. It has also been raining the last two days, so some of us have opted to stay in and hang out on the floors, jam to some music and watch movies. Tonight, a group of us took the Skyline Tram to Roosevelt Island, while others headed over to Eileen’s Cheesecakes for nice treat! 

We ended the day with an RC meeting to reflect on all the hard work that has been put into our internships thus far. We are all proud of the effort that we have invested in these internships and soon we will get a chance to reflect on our specific goals that we set for ourselves before beginning our internships. We are all looking forward to seeing all the growth that has happened over the last few weeks.

We hope all of you at home have an exciting weekend, because we definitely will here!

Happy Thursday!

-Summer Discovery Internships