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New York - Blog - July 11 - Day 13

Hello everyone, 

Time flies when you are having fun! A statement that rings true to all of us here at Summer Discovery with both our Global Leadership and Discovery Intern students. We've spent the beginning of the week at an easygoing pace. We took a quick trip to the top of the Empire State Building and shopped around in SoHo. On Wednesday night, we had our second Career Development course where we had a guest speaker from Collegewise give us valuable information needed for the college application process here within the states. Dorm check in on Wednesday night was also one for the books, as we had milk and cookies with our RC’s and Admin. Tonight, our Global Leadership students are looking forward to getting some amazing photos at the Top of the Rock as they spend their final night with us here at Summer Discovery. Meanwhile, our Discovery Interns take some time to submit their journal entry and head over to Chinatown/ Little Italy for some more shopping, but mainly for some dessert eating. After everyone is back in the dorms, we will have a quick check in with our RC groups to prepare for the weekend, as well as formally say our goodbyes to our Global Leadership students. Wishing them the best in all their future endeavors! 

In the meantime, we are all looking forward to the awesome weekend that is planned for us. 

Catch you later!

- Summer Discovery NY