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Let's Hypnotize Georgetown!!

Hello Parents and Students of Summer Discovery Georgetown,

We are down to our final week here at Georgetown and we are ending this summer with a bang! This last week has been full with AMAZING events for students to enjoy and take advantage of while their summer slowly comes to an end. Today was a HIT with students. It started off a bit slow with some down time and a few activities including the mall and kayaking. Students really enjoyed visiting another mall and being able to kayak for the first time! In the evening, we all rounded up to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience, LIVE! We witnessed students and staff get hypnotized. This was literally a clean comedy show! The whole crowd was astonished by the way the Hypnotist hypnotized these individuals. The crowd went wild with every command that the people who were getting hypnotized were given. We really enjoyed our day and now we'd like to share it with you!

Please enjoy The Hoya Herald Daily and pictures from today, July 15th!