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How to Spend Your Summer While in High School

How to Spend Your Summer While in High School

Here at Summer Discovery & Discovery Internships we specialize in creating meaningful and memorable summers for our students. With this in mind, we asked our staff to tell us about their favorite memory from the summertime as a high school student. Here’s what they had the say:

“I recall doing a teen tour through my camp when I was 15 years old. We started in Denver and drove in 15-passenger vans (towing U-Hauls with our tents and cooking gear) throughout Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California. I had all 4 appendages in a different State at the “4-Corners” (CO, AZ, NM, UT), hiked and then camped out at the Grand Canyon, had a grizzly bear scare in Yosemite Park, and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. I thought the fact that my counselors were being paid to do all of this stuff with us was the coolest job in the world.” – Robert, Director @ University of Pennsylvania

“I spent the weekend at my friend lake house. We went jet skiing, wakeboarding, and swimming all weekend.” – Mitch, Associate Director @ Georgetown University

 “My favorite memory as a high school student from the summertime was spending countless evenings in Santa Croce, Florence with my best friends on my Summer Discovery Program.” – Casey, Recruitment Specialist & Associate Director @ UCLA

 “One summer during high school, I made my first trip to Europe…well actually it was England back then.  I was visiting friends outside of London but took the train every day to see all the sights of London and explore this somewhat familiar, yet completely new environment.  Back in the 1980’s, things were so vastly different in other countries, due to the lack of the internet, phone communication, and media in general. For example, only American kids wore blue jeans and sneakers every day!  Because they spoke English I felt very comfortable getting around and grew fond of the British ways, customs, even the food.” – Teresa, Director International Recruiting

“I enjoyed sitting under a tree reading a good book and riding my bike to the beach.” – Susan, Director International Admissions

Want to create memories of your own this summer while participating in a Summer Discovery pre-college program at universities including UCLA, University of Michigan, and University of Texas at Austin? Visit a new city. Live on a college campus. Take courses that interest you. Meet lifelong friends from all over the world. And have fun while making your summer count! Contact us today for more information at 


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