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How to Pursue a Degree in STEM

How to Pursue a Degree in STEM

Do you want to pursue a degree in STEM?

If the answer is “yes,” then we have great news! Summer Discovery offers specialized summer programs across a variety of amazing university campuses that can help high school or middle school students discover the best opportunities within science, technology, engineering and mathematics – or, in short: STEM.

The programs offered through Summer Discovery not only allow you to experience college-level STEM courses, but you also get the chance to work hands-on while taking courses that are specially developed with learning styles that have been found to be the most effective for a young adult learners. (Some of our courses even offer college credit!)

What do our hands-on STEM programs allow you to do?

Throughout our summer STEM programs, you will go further in-depth to pique your interest in STEM while learning about concepts and then putting them to the test through hands-on experiments and activities. Our programs are developed to show the importance of teamwork and planning, while at the same time increasing your confidence by providing challenging assignments to complete. During the time spent in Summer Discovery courses, you will refine transferable skills and relate them to physical and mathematical principles to solve engineering problems. These courses will also expand your knowledge of material properties, structures, and manufacturing processes.

At the end of our STEM summer program, you will have an advantage because you’ll have formed an awareness of your favorite STEM topics. Enrolling in these advanced-level courses over summer break shows colleges you’re interested in a commitment to going the extra mile in pursuing academic interests. Our courses and experience can also help further define your career path.

Which campus is right for you?

Summer Discovery offers many different opportunities over an array of the finest universities which include UCLA, Penn, and even Cambridge University in England!

We offer a special STEM Research and STEM Academies program through U Colorado Boulder. This program is specifically for grades 9 through 12, over either a 2- or 4-week session.

Learn more about our STEM summer programs and university options.


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