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How to Help Fund Your Summer Program

How to Help Fund Your Summer Program

We receive many questions about the availability of scholarships for our programs. While we do offer 2 merit-based partial scholarships, 99% of our students attend one of our programs without receiving a scholarship from Summer Discovery.

One successful way students have been raising money to attend our programs is through crowdfunding. Here are some great tips on how to successfully kickstart a campaign:

Register your campaign Sites like FundMyTravel and Kickstarter are user-friendly and customizable and can make setting up your campaign virtually hassle-free.

Shoot a personal video The most visible and impactful aspect of your campaign should be a brief personal video that explores your summer program plans and discusses how attending the program will help you achieve your goals. Being creative and fun with your video demonstrates your excitement for the program which will lead to more connections with viewers.

Create rewards To help persuade your audience to help fund your summer program, set up a reward system for donations of particular amounts. For example, for donations of $10 or more, you will post a photo on social media with a personal thank you sign. Fun rewards like this will motivate your audience to donate to your cause.

Share your campaign Post your campaign and personal video on social media. Feel free to re-post often to help remind your audience about your campaign. Encourage your friends and family to share your campaign so that it can reach their social circles. Sending personal emails to relatives and close friends is another effective way of bringing attention to your campaign.

Another great way to fund your summer program is by taking advantage of savings opportunities such as our Fall Enrollment Savings. Save $300 if you are enrolled in a Summer Discovery, Jr. Discovery, or Discovery Internships program by November 15. Have questions about our programs? Contact us at and we can help you find the perfect summer program.


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