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How Students Find Their Academic Path in Our Pre-College Summer Programs

Summer Discovery is now accepting applications for our 2023 pre-college summer program! At over a dozen college campuses across the US and UK, students have the chance to advance their academics alongside new friends as they discover more of what they are passionate about. With the opportunity to dive into new topics with expert instruction, students often finish their summers with an eagerness to explore possible college and career path options. 

If you’re a student looking for an exciting, challenging, and eye-opening summer program, then you’ll enjoy the wide range of course options available with Summer Discovery. Continue reading to learn more about how you’ll find your ideal academic path with the help of our supportive staff and advanced course topics.

300+ Course Options Help Students Explore Their Interests

Do you know what fields you’re most passionate about? At Summer Discovery, you’ll finally have the opportunity to explore advanced courses in new and exciting topics that may not be available to you during your year-round schooling. For example, academic categories at Summer Discovery include Culinary Arts, Engineering, Finance, History, Marketing, Sports & Athletics, Law & Government, Business & Entrepreneurship, and more. 

If you dream of becoming an award-winning chef, then sign up for our Baking course, which will help you move on from boxed baking mixes and advance your technical skills. If you’re feeling called to the limelight, then you can gain an introduction to acting through our Acting and Auditioning for TV & Film course, giving you the opportunity to test your skills and get comfortable on stage. Whatever your interests, Summer Discovery can provide an avenue to pursue them.

Students in our pre-college summer programs find great joy in pursuing academics that excite them

Choose from a Variety of Intensive Academies

Customize your academic path by choosing through a variety of Academies. These pre-college summer programs are a way to fully immerse yourself in a field of interest. Single courses are taken either in the morning or the afternoon and are combined to create a full day of courses. Academies, on the other hand, are more intensive. You can expect to participate in the Academy program both for the morning and afternoon sessions, giving ample time to explore topics in depth. The Academy courses usually meet 4-5 days per week and include homework assignments, presentations, and graded tests. You’ll receive a certificate from the university upon your successful completion of the intensive Academy courses, marking your hard work and progress. If you’ve been waiting to dive into a topic, such as law or business, then the Academy programs are a great option.

Students get to fully immerse themselves into a field of study with Summer Discovery Academies

Opt for a Career Accelerator College Summer Program

Career Accelerator college summer programs are another way to personalize your academics and discover the path best suited for your studies. These are 9-day and 2-week program options for students in grades 9-12. With a Career Accelerator program, you can get a head start on your career through the incorporation of intensive courses and immersive programming. Leadership, collaboration, innovation, and real-world experience led by expert instructors will help you achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals. Not only do these programs help you drive your education toward your desired path, but they also make for impressive additions to your college applications.

Opt for a Career Accelerator College Summer Program

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