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How Students Can Shape Their Futures With Our Intensive Career Accelerator College Prep Programs

As a leading pre-college summer program provider, Summer Discovery is committed to providing students with the experiences they need to kickstart their futures. Our Career Accelerator programs combine education and career exploration to help students transition into college life and beyond. Students will have the chance to cultivate valuable skills, build their portfolios, and discover different pathways to success. In an enriching environment, students will go beyond the high school experience and take the lead in their own future. 

Read on to learn more about how our Career Accelerator programs set students on the path to success in college and beyond.

Discover Unique Pathways

The Career Accelerator programs are designed to offer academic enrichment to students, giving them the opportunity to discover new strengths and interests along the way. Students can choose from a range of college prep programs, including technology & coding, medicine, engineering, and business & entrepreneurship. Whether they’re hoping to gain digital design skills or transform their vision into a full-fledged business, our programs offer something to inspire and support the ambitions of every student.

Away from the pressure of formal grades and classrooms, students can enjoy academic site visits, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities with industry experts to get a true glimpse of what their career path could look like.

Discover Unique Pathways

Gain Real-World Experiences

At Summer Discovery, we specialize in providing unparalleled experiences that go beyond a regular high school curriculum. Our Career Accelerator programs combine the benefits of a high school stem summer program and an internship, as students engage in hands-on learning by tackling real-world case studies. Action-based classroom activities and leadership exercises are used to help students tackle global, industry problems and develop truly relevant skills for their careers. While living and learning on a college campus, students have the chance to build their resumes while gaining the confidence to step up to the challenges of the real world.

Gain Real-World Experiences

Develop Skills for the Future With Our College Prep Programs

In each program, students will work on developing key skills for success in today’s world. While exploring specific pathways and building their knowledge in those areas, students will also take part in leadership training to help them tap into their full potential. Here, we explore topics like critical thinking, technology literacy, communication, social and cross-cultural competencies, leadership and responsibility, and more.

In the process, students learn the importance of demonstrating soft skills and outstanding leadership qualities to shine in a competitive workspace. By tuning into their passions and understanding what it takes to be successful in the world today, our students come that much closer to realizing their career goals.

Develop Skills for the Future With Our College Prep Programs

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