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How Students Benefit From Personalized Learning at College Summer Programs

Personalized learning allows students at Summer Discovery to thrive from day one of our programs. Inside and outside of the classroom, students are able to explore their passions, invest in their interests, and prepare for a brighter future as they build their resumes for college. With many different course options to choose from, as well as personalized attention from caring instructors, it’s easy for students to access an experience that puts their needs at the forefront.

Read on to learn more about how a personalized summer program can benefit students.

Choose From Over 300 Course Options Tailored to Specific Interests

There are many campus and course options for students to choose from at Summer Discovery. Students are able to choose from several top American university campuses, including UCLA, University of Michigan, UT Austin, and even internationally in the UK. They also get to choose from over 300 courses, with focuses that include business and entrepreneurship, the arts, psychology, sports business, medicine, and more. The Summer Discovery team will even work directly with families to match students with the right academic summer program for them, noting down their preferences, needs, and goals.

Whether a student wants to learn the fundamentals of the C# coding language as they explore their passion for technology and game design or whether they want to visit cutting-edge medical labs and research institutes as they lay the groundwork for a career in medicine, they’re sure to find courses that address their interests. By having the opportunity to explore their passions, they get to experience a truly memorable summer. They’ll feel stimulated and excited by their courses, while also thoroughly enjoying the experience. Picking a course that matches students’ interests will ensure that they receive the engaging experience they deserve over the summer.

Choose From Over 300 Course Options Tailored to Specific Interests

Students Can Find the Perfect College Summer Program for Their Needs

When students get to study at a top university campus, taking a course that they truly feel passionate about, they are sure to feel stimulated and engaged. However, there’s a lot more to a personalized education than that. In addition to matching each student’s interests, Summer Discovery also helps them find the academic level that best suits their needs.

Whether you are looking for a college summer program that will allow students to earn college credits or whether you would prefer to investigate one of our Career Accelerator Programs, it’s possible to find options that match your goals. This helps you find a program that will feel rewarding and challenging, without being overwhelming.

Students Can Find the Perfect College Summer Program for Their Needs

Innovative Teaching Methods Help Students Succeed

At Summer Discovery, learning is a hands-on and interactive experience. For example, in the Inc. Young Entrepreneurs program, students gain marketable, in-demand skills through action-based classroom activities and real-world experiences. These skills, along with the opportunity to hear from industry speakers who bring valuable insight to the classroom, jump-start students’ college careers and add to their professional portfolios.

This kind of hands-on approach really helps to engage students as well as give them valuable experience that will serve them well in university and beyond. However, a truly personalized education is an education that also responds to and adapts to students within the classroom environment. Across our campuses, we maintain a small staff-to-student ratio, allowing for proper attention to each student. This allows each student to receive the personalized care and attention they deserve. With individualized attention in the classroom, along with a stimulating curriculum and engaging lessons, students have the opportunity to really make the most of their summer experience.

Innovative Teaching Methods Help Students Succeed

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