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How learning to cook can positively influence your life

How learning to cook can positively influence your life

The idea of cooking has become somewhat glamorized for children and teenagers due to the growing popularity of shows like My Kitchen Rules, MasterChef Junior and Man vs. Child. At Summer Discovery, students have the luxury of eating most of their meals in the dining hall on campus. There is no prep, no mess, and an unlimited selection. Students’ summers may be filled with sushi bowls (a favorite at UCLA); hamburgers and French fries; and an endless amount of toppings available for pizza, but what about the other 46 weeks of the year?

Students may come home from school to dinner already on the table. Some families may order take out or go out to dinner frequently. Regardless, cooking is a valuable skill for high school students to learn. Here’s why:

Cooking teaches independence. Eventually, the time will come where students will live on their own. Once living independently, cooking for yourself becomes a priority. Why not feel the sense of independence, freedom, and self-sufficiency sooner rather than later?

Mistakes happen. Not every recipe is going to be perfect. A dish may burn, a cake may not rise, noodles may turn gummy, or a meal may taste absolutely horrible. It happens.

Cooking encourages innovation. With Google at our fingertips, the internet is filled with recipes. It can be fun to search for recipes that can be made with the ingredients already available in your pantry.

Cooking is rewarding. You can gain a great sense of satisfaction from preparing a dish that is praised by those you serve.

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