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How College Prep and Pre-College Summer Programs Can Boost Students’ Personal Development

Many students choose to include a college prep or summer pre-college experience on their college application in the hopes of gaining a competitive edge. Such programs also provide enriching and meaningful experiences, equipping students with the confidence to follow their passions and make decisions based on their specific skills.

Summer Discovery pre-college programs go beyond the average college prep program to provide students with a safe environment. Our programs give our students enough liberty to manage their own free time while offering them the support they need to make meaningful connections and excel in their courses. Our leading pre-college programs give students the practical education and experience they need to set them apart from other college applicants. Discover how your child’s personal development will benefit from our college-prep summer program that is on the next level.

Students Embrace Their Independence

Students enrolled in an academic summer program at Summer Discovery get to truly embrace their newfound independence. While they immerse themselves in college life, learning at a college campus, they get to discover the responsibilities and privileges that come with being more independent.

Students learn how to manage their classes and commitments, while also having fun. Summer Discovery programs are the perfect bridge for those ready to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves in both educational and social situations. At Summer Discovery, students are expected to perform in their academic courses taught by actual university instructors. Having this accountability, combined with many opportunities to make friends and attend social events, will leave students with improved overall independence and self-motivation.

Students embrace their independence through exposure to new situations and experiences

A Diverse Community Helps Students Gain New Perspectives

Summer Discovery has collaborative partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Each summer, thousands of students attend our programs from 44 different states and more than 70 different countries. Students are encouraged to connect with each other in a fun, secure, and collaborative environment.

Team-building and group activities are coordinated, as well as “cohorts” initiatives. Each student brings a diverse set of experiences and views, which allows each cohort member to thrive as they all learn more about each other. They often learn to improve their communication and interpersonal skills through these genuine interactions. Students are encouraged to enjoy their own unique experiences with their peers in order to gain new and broader perspectives that facilitate their personal growth.

Students at Summer Discovery experience personal growth and gain new perspectives

Students Explore Their Passions In-Depth at Our College Summer Programs

Students joining Summer Discovery get to choose from a variety of campuses and over 300 courses to chase their passions and tailor their learning to popular subjects, such as business and entrepreneurship, arts, psychology, sports business, and medicine. Students also get to choose the academic level of their courses, ensuring they are committing to a level that is both engaging and suitable for their needs.

Having the opportunity to explore their passions gives students increased confidence in their skills and interests so they can foster further growth in these areas. Our college summer programs offer classes in real-world, hands-on settings to provide students with practical education that will benefit them beyond their courses. This unique opportunity for each student to improve important life skills will set them apart from their peers in their future academic and professional endeavours.

Students work together to explore their passions through our summer programs.

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