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How a Pre-College Summer Program can Help You Build Your Professional Portfolio

When you attend our pre-college summer programs, you’ll work on advancing your academic skills while developing a professional repertoire that helps you pursue your dream university programs. Spending a summer on a college campus gives you an inside look at what it’s like to live away from home, attend a set schedule, stay on top of your courses, and incorporate relaxation and social time into the mix.

Learning how to balance these different yet equally important aspects of your life helps you present yourself in a more mature and professional manner. Along with personal skill development, you’ll also be able to build an impressive professional portfolio that reflects your achievements during the program and highlights your involvement in various projects and activities. Continue reading to discover how you can build a strong resume starting in our pre-college summer programs!

Collaborate with Peers and Expert Instructors in a Pre-College Summer Program

As a Summer Discovery student in one of our pre-college summer enrichment programs, you’ll be able to refine your communication and collaboration skills both with your peers and expert instructors. By working alongside your classmates to solve problems, diving deeper into new topics, and presenting different solutions, you can build professional skills that will benefit you throughout your academic and professional careers ahead.

Another unique benefit of Summer Discovery programs is the opportunity to connect with instructors who are devoted to your engagement and success in each course. Our programs feature a number of academic site visits, keynote speaker presentations, and networking opportunities that will help you build connections in your desired field. From here, with this behind-the-scenes career exploration in real-world situations, you’ll develop a strong professional portfolio. 

Students work alongside instructors to progress their academic and professional growth

Improve Academic and Professional Skills

Our comprehensive academic programs are both challenging and supportive, and they provide unparalleled pre-college experiences. During your pre-college summer program at Summer Discovery, you can expect to test your academic strengths, improve on your weaknesses, and refine your ability to communicate and work in a team environment. Simultaneously, you’ll be improving your academic skills, paving the way for your future career.

An essential part of building these skills is confidently communicating your value to your future professors, employers, and colleagues. Your experience in the classroom at Summer Discovery will give you the confidence in your personal growth to adequately express the strengths you bring to any situation, whether that’s a group project, an internship, or a potential job opportunity. 

Teamwork is a common theme in our pre-college summer programs and helpful for development

Test Out Our Career Accelerator Programs

The Career Accelerator program options at Summer Discovery will help you get a head start on your future with career exploration. These intensive programs are ultimately a combination of a pre-college summer program, a job, and a summer internship experience. Available at NYC and UC Berkeley, these programs focus on academic enrichment and practical skill development without the pressure of grades that many students experience in regular summer school programs. With relief from this added stress, you can dive wholeheartedly into your chosen program and fully immerse yourself in each learning experience. Available options include Technology & Coding, Engineering, Medicine, and Business & Entrepreneurship–you’ll be able to choose based on your passions and interests. Your college application and professional resume will thank you for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to progress your portfolio!

Test Out Our Career Accelerator Programs

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