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Hello Cambridge Excursions! (Cambridge Underground Vol. 5)

Hello Cambridge Excursions! (Cambridge Underground Vol. 5)

We are now almost a week into Cambridge, England life with all 67 friends from 17 different countries with us! Though it’s only been six days, the vibes in the air shout friendships several years old! Speaking of vibes in the air, the World Cup games have given a boost of exciting energy throughout the program as students from all the different countries cheer on their homelands and neighboring countries! Songs of laughter and music from all over the world fill the hallways and resident rooms.

The Summer Discovery birthday celebrations have officially kicked off!! We celebrated our first of many students’ birthday this week and what a treat it was to hear students sing Happy Birthday in their native language!

Students are deep into learning a wide scope of academics from their tutors ranging from Genetics, Entrepreneurship, Global Business and Economics to Creative Writing, Photography, Shakespeare, SAT Princeton Review along with eight other courses.

Balancing studies with enchanted tea time in the orchard gardens or taking a stroll through charming Cambridge village show popularity among our students. As do punting, rock climbing, Shakespeare plays, and excursion after excursion, oh the choices! How do we ever decide!? The adventures continue into the weekend... Windsor & Dover Castles, Summer Discovery shall see thee!!

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Cambridge Underground Vol. 5