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Grit X Talks & Capture The Flag

Today was definitely an eventful one as we had some of our students speak on topics in TedTalk/TedX style presentations! They eloquently went over their subject matter in front of their peers, staff and even some of the UC Santa Barbara faculty! On the other hand a group of our athletically inclined students competed against each other in a four team Capture The Flag tournament hosted by our staff. 

Our enrichment students are going to be joined by a few RMP/SERA students as they travel to Santa Monica to see a live theater production of The Addams Family tomorrow evening. Any student who enjoys the great outdoors will be able to take on the Knapp's Castle Hike or Sunset Paddle Boarding if they are part of the RMP/SERA program(s). Whatever they choose to participate in, tomorrow is surely going to be a beautiful day in Santa Barbara and we can't wait to see everyone there!

UC Santa Barbara: July 19, 2019 


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