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Goodbye from UT Austin

Hi Summer Discovery Friends and Families!

Our summer at UT Austin is finally over and so many unforgettable memories and friendships have been made quickly over the past 3 weeks. It’s unbelievable that we’ve now reached the end when it seemed like it was just yesterday that we arrived. Here are some reflections and thoughts on the Summer Discovery experience here at UT Austin.

Friendships. Many of our students arrived nervously and anxious in meeting their new roommates and classmates. Some didn’t know what to expect and some went on a thrill ride in trying to figure out how they were going to manage the college life. After a couple of conversations, students began finding their close group of friends who shared many of their same interests. Students began hanging out over their love for soccer, which was extremely popular this year due to the FIFA World Cup. Students got to bond over the beloved fad, Fortnite, while others got to share stories of similar passions and dreams. These friendships were cultivated to last a long time and will never be forgotten.

New experiences. For many, UT Austin gave many students their first taste of what it is like to live in Texas but also in the United States. We had students visit from all over the world including India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Australia just to name a few. Some tried Totinos Pizza Rolls for the first time while others finally got to eat their first cheeseburger at In n Out Burger. There was always something new everybody could try, whether it was riding on a roller coaster at Six Flags or diving deep into the Barton Springs Pool. Surely enough there are so many experiences they will want to relive and continue.

College readiness. UT Austin is known as one of the top competitive institutions in the United States. Only accepting about 10% of students from out of state, this institution prides itself in academic excellence. They are known for their top quality programs in pre-medicine, business, and engineering. All of which our students got to have a sneak peek in deciding if this was a career worth pursuing. Amongst that,2 we also gave our students insight into the college application process. Many of whom are rising seniors in their local high schools, they are beginning to think critically about what they want in an institution but most importantly thinking about what passions they plan on pursuing through their undergraduate career.

Although this past week went by quickly, we were finally able to celebrate and enjoy our time together. We had movie nights and doughnut runs. We sang our heart outs  during karaoke while also touring the stadium. We studied for exams and wrote papers for our classes. Yet most importantly we got to immerse ourselves in the beauty that is UT Austin and the greater Austin area. This was truly an unforgettable summer and by far one of the best programs out there. Texas treated us well!

With Longhorn Pride,

The UT Austin Team