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Glow Bowl @ Zodo's & Trivia Night

Glow Bowl @ Zodo's & Trivia Night

Turkey for dinner? No, just another amazing night of bowling for our students at Zodo's! Neon lights illuminated the lanes and lit up the festivities. Our latest trivia night was another success. It's always an amazing sight to see how impressive and knowledgeable all of our students are.  We also had another round of presentations from students who are currently finishing up their enrichment courses.

Tomorrow the students can participate in a hike or travel to the Museum of Art if they please! Our four week students are going to begin prepping to leave as they clean and pack their rooms for the glorious prize of pizza. It was yet another beautiful day in Santa Barbara and it's sure to be another one tomorrow as well! Can't wait to see everyone there!

UC Santa Barbara: July 25th, 2019


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