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"Getting in our groove" at Yale

"Getting in our groove" at Yale

We are "getting in our groove" here at Yale!

It's been AWESOME connecting with your children and we have begun to form a nice community.

They were all excited to embark on Monday morning and hear about what the next few weeks in the classroom setting was going to look like.  They are being challenged, learning and contributing to one another while they explore and continue to do research on something they are passionate about to present at the end of the program.

When not in class, we have had some FUN!  We have driven in go-karts where Daniel was cruising past everyone!  We watched "Hunger Games" and indulged on some yummy cupcake treats that were beautifully decorated by the talented Amelia and Sofia.  We are getting comfortable with our surroundings here at Yale.  Toured the campus and last night had some time to check out the town.  The night wouldn't be complete if we all didn't share in a few laughs from Austin enjoying his not 1, not 2 but 3 ice creams!

We look forward to creating more memorable experiences in the upcoming weeks!

Jen Block