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Explore Your Passion for Law & Government with Our College Prep Programs

With a unique opportunity to explore the American legal system, our Law & Government college prep programs fully immerse you into the practice of law. You’ll understand what it takes to develop a legal mind while gaining a solid foundational understanding of the legal system.

By exploring political trends and even discovering what it takes to become a lawyer, you’ll be able to exercise your passion for legal processes. With real-world examples and access to core knowledge of the field, you can gain confidence in your plan to pursue further studies in law. Delving into your passion for law and government while still in high school can do wonders for your journey ahead. Continue reading to learn more about Summer Discovery’s options!

Discover Our Pre-College Academy at University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

One of America’s oldest and most selective law schools, Carey Law School at the University of Pennsylvania serves as the ideal environment for high school students looking for the perfect law summer program. Penn offers the exceptional opportunity to learn from internationally renowned faculty through full-day intensives. What’s more, you’ll gain unique and valuable insight into the field from such seasoned professionals. Cutting-edge legal issues and concepts are discussed in a relevant set of curricula that prepares you for life and law outside of the classroom. This 3-week long rigorous academic program will also expose you to a diverse range of timely and specialized fields of law, such as business and entrepreneurship law, environmental law, human rights and immigration law, technology, privacy, and intellectual property law, to discover a niche you are passionate about.

Benefit from engaging courses taught by renowned instructors at the University of Pennsylvania

A True Ivy League Summer with Law & Government Courses

While attending your law college prep program at the University of Pennsylvania, you’ll thrive outside of the classroom. Practical and first-hand experiences such as virtual visits to courtrooms and law firms will give you the unique opportunity to observe law in action. Aside from specific law skills, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation of communication skills, analytical and logical reasoning skills, and leadership skills through activities and concept exploration with your peers. 

On and off campus, you’ll benefit from a number of options that help you express yourself, build relationships with your cohort, and spend time doing the things you love. The state-of-the-art sports facilities offer a great opportunity for students to explore campus while enjoying their free time. Off-campus, you’ll get to soak up the sun at the Jersey Shore, tour Times Square on a trip to New York City, ride the roller coasters at Hershey Park, and more. While we’re dedicated to academic success, you’ll have plenty of time for exploration and fun with Summer Discovery.

You’ll spend time away from your studies and exploring with friends in our law summer programs

Additional Law Summer Program Options

Aside from Penn, Summer Discovery offers a number of different law and government courses at Georgetown University. From the Georgetown University Law Academy to Trial by Jury: Moot Court, your course options are plentiful to explore your passion for law at this university. If you’re looking for law and government summer programs on the west coast, then you can enroll in our UCLA course Exploring US Law. This course will teach you the basic legal concepts related to procedural law, introduce you to cases, statutes, and the constitution, as well as develop your legal vocabulary. Both of these universities also host middle school-level law programs, giving even our younger students access to discover their law interests.

Additional Law Summer Program Options

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