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Explore Student Life in Our Fun High School STEM Summer Programs

Summer programs always need to be the right mix of fun and focus. While students participating in summer programs at Summer Discovery are expected to apply themselves to their courses, they are also encouraged to branch out of the classroom to make new friends, try new activities, enjoy new experiences, and more. 

The combination of world-class academics and fun residential experiences creates a summer to remember. If this sounds like your ideal summer program, then continue reading to learn more about the fun activities that we integrate into our sessions!

Get Excited With a Unique Academic Schedule

The Summer Discovery difference is seen through our academic program offerings that combine values of academic excellence, leadership, exploration, and fun. With the option to choose from 12 campuses all over the country and abroad, you will indeed find the courses that best suit your interests and academic goals.

Some STEM course highlights from our campuses include Neuroscience, 3D Design and Printing, Coding, Forensic Science, Robotics, Engineering, Genetics, Aerospace, Medicine, and so many more. High school students that choose Summer Discovery get to test their academic capabilities while exploring new and exciting topics in a supportive environment of like-minded peers.

Get Excited With a Unique Academic Schedule

Enjoy a Variety of Dining and Food Options

The all-inclusive meal plan is another unique aspect of Summer Discovery high school STEM summer programs. For example, you will receive three meals each weekday on campus at our UCLA location, and two on the weekends in the modern Rieber or Rendezvous Dining Halls. Students love getting to eat on campus just as one of the resident college students would!

Other advantages to Summer Discovery meal programs are the opportunity to try new foods, enjoy mealtimes with your friends, and the ability to stick to any special diets you may require. If you are vegetarian, eat gluten-free, or have any allergies, Summer Discovery is happy to see how we can accommodate your preferences, as special diets are not a problem at most campuses.

Enjoy a Variety of Dining and Food Options

The Activities are Endless at Our Pre-College Summer Programs

One of the most exciting things about Summer Discover programs is the opportunity to further your education in a new city. Venturing away from home to a leading college campus across the country can help you gain independence, confidence, and try new experiences.

The activities truly are endless in our pre-college summer programs. Outside of class, our highly trained staff will help you to explore new cities, lead you on excursions, and plan activities to maximize that summer fun. Some activities for our campuses around the country include:

  • Visit America’s #1 waterpark (UT Austin)
  • Soak up the sun on the beaches of Jersey Shore (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Enjoy major league baseball games (CU Boulder)
  • Surf at some of Cali’s most famous beaches (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Attend show nights with a Hypnotist, Comedians, and Magicians (University of Michigan)

Summer Discovery diligently works to foster “cohorts” where students are encouraged to connect and thrive, making each activity that much more fun.

The Activities are Endless at Our Pre-College Summer Programs

Are you interested in attending one of our pre-college summer programs?

Contact Summer Discovery for more information!


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