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Excited for Summer? How Our Pre-College Summer Programs Offer the Chance to Forge New Friendships

While programs at Summer Discovery are focused on academic growth, exploration, and achievement, we don’t neglect the importance of forging meaningful friendships over the course of the summer. Social interaction and free time are both incredibly important, which is why Summer Discovery staff are committed to fostering a welcoming environment for everyone to make friends.

Spending time with like-minded peers during their programs allows students to create friendships that can last a lifetime. Making memories and experiencing new opportunities alongside each other—while also having downtime to just get to know one another—allows each student to dedicate the time needed to create lasting relationships with their cohort. Keep reading to discover just how Summer Discovery creates these opportunities.

Creating an Atmosphere for Friendships to Flourish

If you are looking for a summer program that will challenge you while giving you the independence to create new friendships, then our high school STEM summer programs could be the perfect fit for you. STEM not your thing? No problem. We have 300+ courses and a variety of campuses for you to explore. No matter which campus and program you choose, our Summer Discovery staff make sure to encourage you and your peers to connect with each other and thrive.

At each campus, your program will feature different ice-breaker and team building activities that will help you get to know the other program participants right off the bat. Our attentive team at Summer Discovery will help make sure that you adjust seamlessly to the group, helping you build these exciting new friendships.

Our pre-college summer programs allow students to develop new friendships.

Roommate Placements in Our Pre-College Summer Programs

We take great care to create the best possible matches for roommates during our pre-college summer programs. We are very intentional with roommate pairings, taking into consideration all the information we have on each student and placing them in cohorts that we think they will be most comfortable in. This approach helps create a  fun and welcoming environment, while also giving students the chance to gain valuable insight into what college life is really like.

We also offer small Resident Counselor groups, which will give you the opportunity to join up with a group of 10 program participants and meet even more peers. This will make your weekend activities even more fun as you get to venture to nearby theme parks, go to basketball games, hike, and visit college campuses with all of your new friends. At Summer Discovery, everyone belongs. 

We know the importance of feeling comfortable in residence, so we match students to their best fit.

Making Friends from All Over the Globe

In a traditional year, 40% of our students are from other countries. With such a high international student population, you will get to make friends from all over the world. Not only does this make for a fun summer, but it also allows you to see what other cultures are like as your new friends share their experiences.

Summer Discovery friendships often last years, as students return to the same programs as their friends or keep in touch from afar. Our programs are a wonderful opportunity to form in-person, genuine friendships that help develop key personal and social skills such as self-expression, communication, empathy, and compassion. Finding friends you connect with is worth so much in life, and experiencing the exciting academic programs at Summer Discovery will bring you close to your peers in just a few weeks. 

Making Friends from All Over the Globe

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