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Dodgeball Tourney, Trivia and Ocean Sports!

Dodgeball Tourney, Trivia and Ocean Sports!

Paddleboarding, kayaking and a plethora of water related activies at Santa Barbara beach started our series of activities for the day as some of our students came back from class to participate in our Ocean Sports event! Some of our staff hosted a dodgeball tourney for our students who crave a different type of excitement and physical activity, with 5 rounds of games between the students before a champion was crowned. To cap off the day we hosted our weekly trivia night in our formal lounge with 5 teams of students battling for intellectual supremacy! 

Tomorrow we have Boogie Boarding, Powderpuff Football and our Coffee House event. Its sure to be another beautiful day at UC Santa Barbara and we can't wait to see everyone there!

UC Santa Barbara: July 11, 2019