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Do not lie on your resume, build your resume!

College basketball coach Steve Masiello lost out on a coaching position at University of South Florida when it came to light that he lied about his academic background. Situations like this one have made it clearer than ever that you can’t get away with moves like this anymore!

In the internet age, it’s as easy as a Google search to find out the truth behind your academic, professional and even personal life. If you think that a college or a potential employer (or even a date!) is not going to check up on you, you are mistaken. You are leaving a digital trail everywhere you go, whether you like it or not.

So, how do you avoid an embarrassing predicament like this one? Don’t lie on your resume! Seems pretty simple, right? Except, usually the reason that people make things up is that they’ve got some blank spaces to fill. So here’s the real secret --instead of making up false claims to greatness, how about we give you something real to brag about?

This summer, take part in a customized 4 week internship in an industry that interests you. Learn about a small start-up company (the Twitter of tomorrow) or work in a fashion showroom for a hot, up-and-coming designer (every heard of a little company called Alice and Olivia?) With hundreds of internship opportunities in some of the best cities in the world, your resume will be 100% impressive and completely true.

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