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Discover the Multi Campus Experiences Available for Our Summer Academic Programs

Summer Discovery is excited to offer our multi-campus experiences year after year, giving you the opportunity to explore more than one college campus. If you are looking to dive deeper into your time away from home, then this is a great option to really lean into your experiences while you explore your interests.

It can be daunting as a high school student trying to figure out where you want to spend the next four years of your life after graduation. With the split-campus option at Summer Discovery, you can experience life at UCLA as well as U-Michigan, allowing you to discover certain variables that are important to you on a college campus. Continue reading to learn more about the multi-campus experiences available at Summer Discovery.

Enjoy Time with Friends Away from Home

Immersing yourself in each program becomes easier with extended time at each campus. Depending on which option you choose, you will spend 5 or 6 weeks taking courses, making friends, and gaining a sense of independence and responsibility as you spend time away from home at our UCLA and U-Michigan summer academic programs.

Summer Discovery students thrive when they are able to develop their independence alongside their peers. Faculty, staff, and counselors create an environment that encourages students to befriend one another as they embark on their 5-6 week-long journeys together. Through independent living, dining hall experiences, and athletic facility usage, students get to grow their personal and social skills living on a college campus. When you choose Summer Discovery, you can expect to form great friendships with your cohorts as you get to spend extended time with your new friends. 

Enjoy Time with Friends Away from Home

Maximize Time Spent Both in the Classroom and Off-Campus

When you commit to a multi-campus experience at Summer Discovery, you can expect to be able to maximize your time both in and out of the classroom. Living the dorm life will help you take advantage of your schedule as you discover how to refine your time management skills in regard to your classes and assignments. Staying on campus allows you to stay focused on your program as you remain immersed in the environment for the duration of your courses.

Off-campus, you can expect to maximize your experiences with exciting weekend and evening excursions. At U-Michigan, students have loved going to the Cedar Point Amusement Park, comedy shows, and Detroit Tigers games. At UCLA, you can experience the sun and sand alongside your academics while discovering everything LA has to offer, such as TV and movie studios, theaters, museums, and more. 

An extra exciting adventure awaits for all students enrolled in our combo programs. When you finish your program at one campus and are heading to the other, you will get to travel with your friends and stop over in Chicago on your way across the country for a spectacular weekend break. Discovering this new city, you will visit Millenium Park, stroll the Magnificent Mile, hop on a speed boat tour of Lake Michigan, enjoy the rides and fair food on Navy Pier, and more!

Maximize Time Spent Both in the Classroom and Off-Campus

Broaden a Global Perspective with Our College Summer Programs

Enjoying residence life in our multi-campus college summer programs will help you develop a more accurate outlook on what college life can be like. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, you will get to connect with your peers and learn about their own ideas, experiences, and backgrounds. Through Summer Discovery programs, you can develop better communication and collaboration skills as you learn to work with students from across the country and around the globe.

Because Summer Discovery has such involved relationships with universities around the U.S. and abroad, you will benefit from world-class academics on top of your residential experience. Having access to real, expert university professors, you will gain valuable insights from them as they share their teachings and their own personal experiences throughout the years. 

Broaden a Global Perspective with Our College Summer Programs

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