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Digital Marketing Programs and the Business World

Digital Marketing Programs and the Business World

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Digital and social media marketing have gained immense popularity within the business world. If you find that you have an interest in marketing and business, our programs will turn your fascination into knowledge. Through our digital marketing programs, you are provided the best opportunities to kick-start your future in marketing.

Through our digital marketing programs, you will learn both the strategic framework and tactical approach to develop and execute goal-oriented digital marketing campaigns. You will also learn how to leverage Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, mobile apps, online display, and search engine marketing to build a robust digital marketing campaign. You’ll learn valuable and translatable skills as you develop a “business mindset.” This mindset will not only help you succeed in college but beyond the classroom as well.

Your hands-on, screens-on experience

Summer Discovery’s Digital Marketing Pre-College Programs allow you to understand the framework for ever-changing marketing strategies, which of course includes digital and social media marketing! You will learn key strategic issues across different business landscapes while developing an understanding of how marketing and advertising campaigns work from strategy to execution, as well as how to analyze the results.

What universities to explore:

  • UCLA and Yale-NUS both offer intensive full-day academies in digital and social media marketing.
  • UC Santa Barbara offers a course: Marketing and Advertising in the Global Marketplace.
  • UT Austin offers an introductory course in digital marketing.
  • Michigan offers a course: Advertising and American Culture, where students learn about digital marketing as part of a larger exploration of modern advertising.
  • University of Miami has college-credit courses that offer an in-depth exploration of digital media production!

These are just a handful of our offerings. Explore our website for more details!

Interested in other business and entrepreneurship courses?

Our digital marketing programs are just a few of the many courses we offer under business and entrepreneurship across our 14 campuses. We’ve got you covered with programs that include global leadership, live events and promotions, economics, and strategies of entrepreneurship – just to name a few! Become well-rounded in all aspects of business with the potential to earn college credits.


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