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College Admissions Tips: Tip #6 - College Visits During COVID-19

You don’t have to visit all the colleges on your  wish list. In fact, for many students, this is not possible. It can be expensive and time consuming to visit colleges.

Or, what if we are in the middle of a global crisis like COVID-19 and you CAN’T visit colleges? 

Try these behind-the-scenes tips to get a more authentic view of what a college has to offer without setting foot on campus:

  • Most colleges now have virtual tours. Do a Google search for virtual campus tours at your preferred colleges.
  • Search social media for photos and videos from current students attending your preferred universities. Some universities have social media channels run by students for students.
  • Check out the Student Affairs website for your desired colleges and universities. Student Affairs is responsible for supporting student life outside the classroom. See what resources are available, what events are planned for students, what clubs exist on campus, and more.
  • Check out the university’s Strategic Plan to get a sense of what they are planning for the next several years. Make sure the future vision for the university reflects a university that you want to attend.

You might also consider a Summer Discovery on-campus experience in the future. Our pre-college programs allow students to live on a college campus for up to six weeks during the summer. They’ll get to test drive the college experience before applying to college!

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