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Chasing Creative Expression with Arts & Design Pre-College Summer Programs

Whether students have an artistic passion already or simply want to explore their own creativity with the help of our experienced instructors, Summer Discovery’s Arts & Design programs offer engaging courses to pique their interests. From learning new techniques in their chosen art forms to discovering various traditional and alternative approaches to art, students can become more well-rounded in their academic studies.

During our Arts & Design programs, the emphasis is placed on each student’s individual artistic direction and inclinations. Our instructors foster an open environment for students to express themselves while providing unique avenues for creative exploration. With various learning styles incorporated in each course, students are able to make the most out of their time at Summer Discovery. Through amazing experiences and enhanced creative expression, students benefit from our courses long after they are completed. 

Continue reading to discover a few of our exciting Arts & Design courses and what they offer.

Hands-On Projects Spark New Ideas in Fashion Design

At our UCLA campus, students have the opportunity to enroll in Fashion Design. This unique opportunity allows aspiring fashion designers to step into their creative roles and learn about the industry and various fashion techniques while visualizing themselves living their dream.

This course dips into the history of fashion, which helps students grasp the implications of fashion and how it seeps into the everyday life of almost every consumer. Our instructors will teach students how to develop their own designs through crafting lessons in drawing, proportion and garment construction, and more. They’ll learn safe and basic sewing machine skills as well as the correct usage and care for clothing construction tools. Practical experience complements the robust curriculum perfectly, truly giving students the hands-on practice they need to further their ideas and make their creations come to life.

Our Fashion Design summer enrichment program launches students into the art of clothing creation

A Glimpse Into the Performance World in Acting & Auditioning

The Acting and Auditioning for Film & TV Academy course, also found at our UCLA campus, is a one-of-a-kind option for students. Created and taught by Emmy nominated Casting Director Wendy Kurtzman, who has helped initiate a number of acting careers with big stars like Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock, this course gives students a realistic view into the industry.

This rich and dynamic college prep program is perfect for students who are serious about pursuing an acting career. Meeting twice per day, 4 or 5 times per week, students deepen their understanding of scenework, learn about the professional audition process, lean into improv, learn how to determine "brand," and discover how to use their unique voices to craft and film an original scene. To top it all off, students attend an evening performance at GEFFEN Theater, followed by a post-show conversation with the actors. Talk about an unforgettable experience!

Students have fun trying their hand at improv as part of our Acting and Auditioning course

Exploring Creative Architecture in Our Summer Academic Programs

Our Art & Architecture Academy at Cambridge University allows students to test their own art skills as well as investigate and understand the art of structures in Cambridge. The stunning university campus acts as the ideal setting for students, with architecture spanning three millennia. From ancient structures to ultra-modern buildings and everything in between, our summer academic program in Cambridge offers grandeur buildings as well as incredible art found within their walls.

Students explore art and design in Cambridge’s outdoor classroom with the River Cam, quaint villages, and picturesque landscapes all around. Through personal art explorations in mediums such as watercolors, paints, pencils, and more, with the added exploration of such an inspiring and unique city, students experience every artist’s dream!

Exploring Creative Architecture in Our Summer Academic Programs

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